About Andrea

I am a Designer of all things aesthetic and creative be that interiors, exteriors or clothing - I simply love everything to do with style.


Interiors and Exteriors: We're happiest when our home is harmonious, but it's not always easy to achieve the right balance between aesthetics and homeliness.

Whether you're struggling over how to present your home to achieve the quickest, most profitable sale; yearning to totally re-vamp a tired look; or simply want to add some small changes, I'm here for you.


I am available for both commercial and domestic ventures and have already achieved total transformations receiving plaudits from The Times.


So, let's open the door to your sanctuary together.

Why Choose Andrea?

For as long as I can recall I've been passionate about my surroundings; at the tender age of six I remember asking my Mom to not dust my bedroom any longer, and allow me to do it instead, as she never put my 'treasures' back exactly where she'd found them...I mean, we were only talking minute details, but my aesthetics meant everything to me even then.

Then as I got older I realised that the only types of magazine I'd ever bought were home, interior or garden ones.

I would spend hours on estate agents' sites looking at properties and thinking "Wow, that's simply stunning!" or, at the other end of the spectrum, "Why on earth did the owner not think to make their bed before they had the internal photos taken!?"


I've sold every property I've owned on the day it's gone on the market (one even before) as I know not only exactly how to present it, but also what to do to get the best investment.

I'm constantly looking at spaces, or property lay-outs, and considering how I'd change them to improve the flow and make the most of what's available for those living there. At home, my husband dreads it when I walk around pondering, he knows it'll be something bespoke I've designed in my head that I'll sketch out and then need him to create - it's very fortunate (or not, as he'll see it!) that he's an excellent joiner! 

So, as you see, it was almost inevitable that I would try and bring my bit of sanctuary creation to anyone else who's as keen to find it as I am...

That extends to those who maybe need it a little more than others, those who have found themselves in the traumatic situation of fleeing to a Domestic Abuse Shelter, such as The Elm Foundation which is an amazing charity 'Working to End Domestic Abuse.'

I'm a massive advocate of Giving Back and have pledged my time and expertise, for free, to create a warm, welcoming and calming environment for those seeking its sanctuary.

My ultimate aspiration is to take neglected, landmark buildings, bring them back to life and allow those whom find themselves without homes to use them.


Everyone deserves a sanctuary - let's find yours in your world.

Artisan of Aesthetic Design

Helping create harmony in your world


When you're about to meet Lord Sugar on stage in front of several thousand people and you can't buy an off-the-peg 'Tuxedo Dress' you have to design and make your own - which is exactly what I did!

I design unique clothing for equally unique events and I like to think outside the box.

This arm of my design sphere is currently in development, but watch this space for exclusive, limited-edition items. My door is always open for bespoke commissions, so please feel free to knock.