Design on your Investments

Good money after bad

When you own your own business, the last thing you need, or want, to do is throw money away... sadly many entrepreneurs do.

What are we talking about?

We've heard many say, "I can't afford an Interior Designer," the fact is, you really can't afford not to have one.

Just think, you've got brand new premises where you're wanting to open up a swanky restaurant.  Your vision is that "this will be the new place to be, this will be where everyone wants to be seen."

You have to create a unique ambience that will get people talking and wanting to go back time and again. It needs a luxury design and attention to detail.

This genre of 'place to be' is exactly what we created for Lavang in Fulwood, Sheffield.

We took the tired and sorry, purple and orange monstrosity of the premises' previous incarnation, and created a beautiful ambience to enhance the fine-dining experience.

We designed every aspect from the exterior right down to the products in the bathrooms.

We commissioned bespoke lighting,  with the Lavang emblem, for the entrance hallway to fulfil a desire of Nash's to have a quirky 'Edison' Light - he was not left wanting.

The external door was a major hit with locals and passers-by and we choose fire doors to follow the 'pip' theme which enhanced the overall theme.

We re-designed the entire layout - creating an inviting and relaxing area for diners to wait for their table, or simply enjoy a drink.

To enhance the fine-dining atmosphere, we thought it essential to ensure this area be separated, but not excluded, from the diners' space, so designed a stunning walnut wall, with recessed lighting.

For this contemporary theme we also included a feature wall with antique photos from the Indian sub-continent's past - the owners wanted to break the mould of traditional 'Indian Restaurants' but we didn't want them to lose their heritage.

The bar design was our piece-de-resistance ...

It had to be 'out there', classy and 'on point.'

We commissioned bespoke flooring with bronzed edgings and double width parquet.

Lit back-bar with plenty of wine storage and stepped display shelving for their spirits.

The result is stunning... even receiving plaudits in the The Times.