Giving Back

We're massive advocates of 'Giving Back'  and that's why we're currently working with two local charities.

The Elm Foundation

This fantastic charity in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, is 'Working to end Domestic Abuse.' 

We first met the service manager at a Women Entrepreneurs' networking event in December 2017 and was immediately taken with the sheer enthusiasm and commitment the staff have to help both victims and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse.

Their head office is the first encounter any service users have with The Elm Foundation, when fleeing to their safety. It's situated in a potentially stunning Victorian Villa, but is sadly dingy and very unloved. We have pledged our time and expertise, for free, to refurbish this wonderful building back to its former glory and create a metaphorical 'hug' for anyone venturing through its doors.


The service users have gone through enough pain and trauma that the last thing they need is to walk into a sanctuary that couldn't be further from that ideal in presentation.


We are re-working their Reception, Waiting Room and Counselling Room to create a calming and tranquil ambience, somewhere service users won't feel like they're being 'put up'.

Logo for The Elm Foundation - Working to End Domestic Abuse
Logo for Sheffiel Futures - working with local underprivileged

Sheffield Futures

This South Yorkshire charity is committed to working with underprivileged and neglected young people.

Many of us have been lucky enough to grow up in a safe and supportive environment, whilst others may not have had the same, straightforward, circumstances.

Sheffield Futures are tirelessly working with Sheffield's young people in numerous ways, from support with CV Writing to prevention and awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation.

We were first introduced to this amazing charity at Sheffield's Lord Mayor's Dinner and, again, our support is in aiding the transformation of their facility refurbishment, where we've pledged our time and expertise, for free.

At present they are in the throes of phase one of the activities area and we will be providing advice on what finishing touches to add, to create as vibrant and user-friendly environment as possible.

They have, also, asked for our expertise in creating a refreshed and inspirational working space for the charity's staff areas, which we're delighted to help with.