• Andrea Gillard

Attention grabbing! How to get that vital road side appeal

When you’re putting your home up for sale, what you need is for it to sell quickly and for the maximum value - this may seem obvious I hear you say!

However, I so often see properties for sale that are simply not market presentable, or saleable.

If you don’t create that vital road side appeal, you might as well pay someone to buy your house…!

In the current financial climate, we’re in a very unique scenario where, even though there are fewer properties for sale, as more and more people cannot afford to move due to estate agent and conveyancing fees, plus the dreaded Stamp Duty, it’s very much a buyers’ market - this kind of situation has seldom been ever seen before.

So it’s vitality important to get your home market ready before going anywhere near a ‘For Sale’ sign. Getting this element wrong could cost you £10,000s.

What could go wrong?

If you put your property up for sale before it’s market ready, you’re setting yourself up for a massive potential loss in profits. If your home doesn’t instantly grab potential buyers’ attention, they will obviously not be interested - your only viable prospects are those wanting a ‘bargain’ or investors who will know how to knock you down in price.

You don’t want either of these, as the potential investment here doesn’t go to you, but to your purchasers.

How to make the market work for you.

Fear not, you can turn this market into your favour. As there are so few properties for sale, you can make yours one of ultimate desirability and get the buyers bidding.

One of the most market-trusted tips is to pick heritage paint colours. Give your window-frames and front door a fresh treatment to create the ultimate ‘wow-factor’ kerb-side crowd pleaser.

I’ve seen numerous potentially stunning period properties - at an asking price in excess of £1.5 million - with dated (and I don’t mean in a good way!) navy blue doors and lack-lustre white window frames.

Some of these properties have been on the market with several estate agents, as they won’t sell, but these ‘agents’ have not advised of the basic fundamentals that will get potential buyers picking up a brochure, let alone through the door.

Every property I've owned has sold on the day it's gone to market - one even before the 'For Sale' sign went up - and they've all sold for at least the asking price. I have increased my properties by an average of 35% with very little outlay myself.

If you'd like to get your property sold where you benefit from the whole experience, not the Estate Agents or purchasers, tap into my expertise and contact me for a consultation. Your money is wrapped up in your property, you should receive as much of it as possible...

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