• Andrea Gillard

Listen, but be brief!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Have you ever wondered how some businesses continue to get 5-star reviews and contracts, whilst others fail miserably? It’s not rocket science, those who succeed simply give their customers exactly what they’re looking for.

How exactly do you do this, I hear you ask?

See what your client has, listen to them and then reflect

It’s simple, you listen. That’s right, you have to listen to what your customers are asking for; they’ve come to you because they trust in your expertise and you need to deliver on that.

Okay, okay, that might sound very simplistic, but how exactly do you implement this?

In a nutshell

I know I’m really late to the party, but I’ve just been catching up on BBC2’s ‘Interior Design Masters’ and one contestant, after failing a task, had his eureka moment and summed it up nicely, “If you’re Kelly Hoppen or Sophie Robinson people know who you are and they come to you if they want your style. For everyone else, we need to listen and adapt our style to suit the client we’re working with.”

On this series the contestants who have succeeded are those who have listened to the brief and implemented it; they may have added their own je ne sais quoi, but they haven’t gone totally off piste, they’ve ensured the fundamentals have been captured.

How do others fail?

I know of designers who have totally put their own stamp on clients’ homes and, on this designer leaving, the clients have either ripped everything out and started again or sat deflated for numerous years until they could save up enough to change it all. These designers, or stylists, have not applied the brief and give the industry a bad name.

Without a brief, you'll never deliver your client's requirements

What do I do?

Before I even start to look at the task in hand I sit down with my client and find out about them; their likes, their loathes, who will use the space, what the space will be used for and at what times of day, then how they want to use the space moving forward and how they want it to make them feel. This is your brief, and if you don’t capture this and implement it, you’re never going to give your client what they want and will never be recommended – it’s simples!

Everyone of my clients has given me an excellent review, with my most recent saying, “I can’t praise Andrea more highly. She totally understood what I needed and helped me achieve everything. I would definitely recommend her.”

If you want to make changes either in your business or at home but you don’t know where to start, or how to achieve this, look no further and get in touch, I’m here to listen to you.


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